Dee Snider Costume

For forethought, a complete set of this costume is available online. But since you already bothered to check this out, dont hesitate to read on further to learn how to create your own Dee Snider costume. It is a bit complicated compared to other 80s inspired costumes, but you should know that it would be worth your time.

Dee Snider is the front man of the rock band Twisted Sister. Back in the 80s the band was a big hit and so was his unique costume. One company even made official Dee Snider costumes for Halloween.

But if you want to make your own, here are the tips:

Hair Dees hair was bigger than a typical 80s woman. It was very curly and blond. Make sure to check out photos of him and follow the hair because it was one of his many signature looks. Unless you have long hair that you would just perm, you have to get a wig styled the same as Dees.

Outfit First, get a black shirt. Cut the sleeves of the shirt to horizontal strips so that it would hang loose as fringes over your arm. Cut, the bottom of the shirt so that your abdomen is exposed and get black suspender with the X facing upfront. After that, get football pads to sew on the shoulders of your shirt. To design your Dee Snider top, cut strips of a hot pink cloth and sew it on the football pads. Second, get tight fitting black pants. Sew more hot pink cloth strips on it.

Make-up His make-up was very popular because it was as unique as his outfit so make sure that you do it right. Wear thick electric blue eye-shadow, black eyeliners, and bright pink lipstick. Draw thick brows, and a pink trapezoid-shaped blush-on for the cheeks.

Accessories You will need black fingerless gloves with hot pink cloth strips sewn on it. Also, wear bright pink nail polish.

And there, with all the hard work you have just made yourself a Dee Snider costume. Its not so hard, is it? Now the next thing you have to do is to put on a rocker attitude and enjoy the rest of the night.

Choosing The Right Pathani Suit This Eid

All the stylish and fashionable Designer Outfits of the world cannot replace the charm that an ethnic and traditional outfit exudes during festive occasions. Since Eid is just around the corner, Eid Shopping is in full swing by men and women worldwide. Keeping with the traditional spirit of Eid, most men would pick a fabulous Pathani Suit for themselves.

With the variety of Designer Eid Pathani Suits available at the markets or available online, it is indeed a mind boggling task to choose one amongst hundreds. The correct way to choose the right Eid Pathani Suit is to consider what suits one best rather than to strictly follow fashion trends. Eid Pathani Suits featuring a single color i.e., the Kurta and Shalwar, both, in the same color would be great for shorter men who wish to look taller. To make it look bit interesting, monochrome Eid Pathani Suits featuring contrast color collars or placket would relieve the boredom of a single color. Alternatively, monochrome Eid Pathani Suits featuring contrast color embroidered design also looks quite striking. Taller men would, however, look attractive in Eid Pathani Suits including Shalwar and Kurta in contrast colors. Eid is the time to flaunt vibrant colors so Eid Pathani Suits in striking color combination such as blues and greens, maroons and greens, golden yellows and reds, blues and dark browns, etc suit best for Eid. It is really important to consider the fabric of the Eid Pathani Suit according to the body type. Tall and lean men would look fabulous in well tailored Eid Pathani Suits in stiff or thick fabrics such as Brocade Pathani Suit, Jacquard Pathani Suit, Velvet Pathani Suit, etc while it is safe for broad and well built men to stick to Eid Pathani Suits in lighter fabrics such light silk Pathani Suit, silk cotton Pathani Suit, cotton Pathani Suit, etc. Choose the right Pathani Suit this Eid and get ready to be showered with compliments from friends and family.

Coroa de flores abre as portas para um vero hippie romntico.

Mais uma lembrana dos anos 70 vem tomando conta da moda e tem tudo para ser uma tima opode estilo tanto para as festas de fim de ano quanto para o vero 2013.

A mais nova tendncia de cabelo 2013 a coroa de flores. Esse acessrio hippie e romntico usado para enfeitar as madeixas, tm sido muito visto em editoriais de moda e em algumas celebridades internacionais.

Inspirado no estilo de Lana Del Rey, as flores tem tomado cada vez mais a cabea das mulheres.As coroas de flores da Lana so mais exageradas, muitas vezes com dois ou trs tipos de flores em cores diferentes. Porm, j existem combinaes mais delicadas e fceis de serem usadas. Invista nessas com um ou dois tipos de flores na mesma cor e no use to no topo da cabea, fica mais fcil de combinar.

A floral headband, ou coroa de flores para cabelo, com certeza o acessrio que foi muito usado esse ano e na estao primavera-vero 2012 pelo mundo.

Dolce Gabbana usou uma espcie de coroa de flores com veludo em seu desfile -Fall 2012?. Talvez a grife tenha sido a lanadora do acessrio e a responsvel por traz-lo de volta ao mundo da moda.

A coroa de flores para cabelovirou tendncia de moda por muitas razes, ela deixa a mulher mais bonita, feminina e bem divertido brincar com a pea no meio de uma produo, principalmente quando combinada com estilos mais -pesados- o contraste super fashion.

E se voc gostou ou j tinha visto essa moda por ai que tal fazer a sua!? Nosso blog de moda mostra um pequeno tutorial de como fazer coroa de flores,veja como fcil:

E ai meninas, que tal comear o vero 2013 no estilo hippie romntico, a ltima novidade em tendncia de estilo para 2013 ;***