By Malene Birger A Brief History Of The Label

In 1989, Malene Birger began her fashion career with a degree from the Danish Design School. After an apprenticeship as a window stylist, she went on to become a fashion designer at Jackpot by Carli Gry, then took on the position of Head Designer of womens wear at Marc OPolo in Stockholm. Birger started her own company, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, in 1997, and won her first Danish Design Award.

The By Malene Birger Company

In 2003, Malene Birger joined forces with Denmarks largest fashion conglomerate, IC Companys, to form a new company, By Malene Birger. As CEO and Creative Director, Malene Birger held 49% of the shares of the company. In 2004, she won her second Danish Design Award, as well as winning the Scandinavian design award, Scanorma. Recently, Birger sold her shares of By Malene Birger back to IC Companys, but she continues a relationship with the firm as Art Directing Consultant, in charge of the lines designs.

With the opening of By Malene Birger online shop in 2010, sales of By Malene Birger online designs increased dramatically. Birger began to garner global attention. International fashion editors praised Birger for her focus on detailed, quality, classic design. Due in great part to the success of the By Malene Birger online shop, Birgers designs are now sold in over 950 outlets worldwide.

Birger is noted for her consistently elegant, feminine designs that combine a sense of luxury and sophistication with a casual, easy-to-wear style. This seasons By Malene Birger online designs features soft fabrics in muted pastels, khaki and gold, with playful nods to the most current trends in hemlines, both maxi and mini, and to this seasons jumpsuits and playsuits. By Malene Birger online shop also offers an assortment of tasteful accessories in a subdued palette.

The Malene Birger Book

Malene Birger has expanded the focus of her growing design empire to include the world of interior design, with the release of her coffee table book, Life and Work: Malene Birger’s Life in Pictures in 2010. The book serves as a pictorial biography of Birger, with pictures of her paintings, studios and homes. Birgers interiors echo the confident lines, attention to detail and preference for comfort that are her fashion signatures.

Easy Hairstyles For Working Women

Personal grooming is very important for everyone and a well maintained person not only leaves a positive impact on him/herself but on others as well. There are many things that come under the category of personal grooming. Dressing, accessories, make-over and hairstyles are all very important for the better presentation of oneself. For working women hairstyles are very significant because they have to maintain the hairstyle that would be easy for them to carry and look beautiful as well. There are some hairstyles that are very suitable for working women.

Working women can create deep texture hairstyle in which depth is added to the hair. For this hairstyle first of all the hair are washed and then dried. Hair are divided into two sections and a ponytail is created for the first section. Volume is added to the crown area and finally this area is connected to the low ponytail. This hairstyle is more convenient for the working ladies and distinguishes them from the rest of the ladies.

Another hairstyle called soft sculpture is very suitable for working women in which volume is added on the crown. Hair are divided into three sections in this hair style. All three sections of hair are pinned together to create a loose bun. This hairstyle can be made more attractive by letting some strands of hair falling around the face. In this hairstyle it is preferred to use less hairstyling products because the products weigh the hair down. Tumbling cascades is another beautiful hairstyle for working women. In this hairstyle mousse is applied to the hair and the hair are divided into two sections. Then hair are twisted so they make soft and rounded curls. In this hairstyle comb is not used instead fingers are used to fix the hair. Working women can also try some simple hairstyles. The women can make high or low ponytails that can be made more creative with the help of some hair accessories. It is also very easy to create messy hairstyle so working women can try this hairstyle in order to look elegant and distinguished.

Consider To Buy Used Purses

In case you love to use designer purses and do not have enough cash then one of the good alternatives for you would be to buy used purses.

Every woman would like to have designed purses in their wardrobe. Lot of times you might have seen wonderful purses in the newspapers and fashion magazines. At least once you might think to have these in your wardrobe. This is because it is the choice of every woman.

When you check out these purses, you might surely at least once thing whether it suits your budget or not. These are the purses that are actually high end purses and it is something that is not affordable to all. It surely gives a classy and elegant look.

There are some people who can afford to spend lot of money on purses but this is not the case with all. These people always like to buy designer purses and clothes. The people that cannot afford to buy designer and branded bags one of the very good options for is to buy used purses.

One question that might be coming to your mind is why people buy purses and then sell them off. One of the reasons for this can be that they are bored of sing the same purse and would like to purchase a new one. Another reason behind this can be they might be cleaning their cupboard and removing all the items that they think is not required. However you do not have to be worried about the reason behind selling. Rather than this you should grab the opportunity and buy it for your personal use.

There are many reasons which can convince you to buy used purses. The major reason is that it is available at much affordable price then you can think of. Usually these kind of purses are used only one or two times. It is recommended that you spend half amount in the used designer purses instead of considering spending high amount on buying new one.

Sometimes you like a purse very much and you want to purchase it only in case it is available at the affordable price. This is when you can check out the sites that offer used purses will be a good alternative. This is where you can get the purses at the affordable prices. It is with this you will be able to fulfill your wish.

In case you are looking forward to buy this it is essential that you research well on the sites. Researching is essential so that you can get through the site that is reliable.

Classic Men’s Winter Fashion The Pea Coat

The cold weather months are upon us. Being in style this winter season means wearing classic winter coat designs. The pea coat is your perfect choice.
Like most pillars of men’s fashion, the pea coat’s story can be traced back to the military. Since the eighteenth century, overcoats resembling the modern pea coat have been used by European and American naval personnel. Even today, the pea coat is regular issue to the heroic men and women of the United States Navy.
Because the classic pea coat continues to be fashionable and stylish, multiple variations are sold by many retailers in North America. As well, being a military issue garment, many pea coats can be picked up at army surplus stores for very reasonable prices. If you would like to purchase a more elegant pea coat, many top designers offer their own versions of this stylish and functional cold-weather coat.
Despite where you purchase your coat, you should not buy a style that differs too much from the classic military original. Here’s what you ought to keep an eye out for when you buy a pea coat:
* Good quality pea coats are composed of durable and warm wool, so be skeptical of any type of pea coat that isn’t primarily composed of quality wool for its external layer.
* Wide lapels, large buttons, and vertical or slash pockets are notable characteristics of classic pea coats.
* Your coat should definitely fit you! Because of it’s bulky construction and thick fabric a pea coat can seem over-sized for a guy with a wiry frame. If you have a slender build, take your coat to your local alterations shop and have them alter it to be more fitting to your shape.
A well maintained pea coat can be a useful wardrobe piece as it can be both dressed up or dressed down. With the addition of a scarf, red or white will do, your winter pea coat outfit will keep you fashion forward and warm and all winter long.

Denim Trends For 2013

Denims history stretches back over two centuries and in 2013, its as popular as its ever been. Thanks to its durability, its warmth and its versatility, denim has become a major feature in wardrobes the world over.

This year, denim is taking on classic styles and giving them a significant contemporary makeover. Read on to find out more about how to wear denim in 2013.

Denim jackets

Denim jackets are making a big comeback this year. After enjoying a period of popularity in the 1990s, they have generally been out of favour in the 21st century – until now. Their basic style hasnt changed much: women can still expect denim jackets to be simple, button-down affairs with two breast pockets and cuffs to the wrist. It sounds ordinary, but denim jackets can easily be made extraordinary by how you wear them. A favourite style with celebrities is a denim jacket worn over a knee-length floral dress with sandals. This is a great look for a summer festival just remember to swap the sandals for wellingtons. Alternatively, try wearing one with high-waisted trousers and a ruffle-detailed shirt, or over a maxi dress for chic outerwear.

If the classic style still doesnt appeal, search for variations. Cowboy-style jackets, for instance, typically have fewer pockets and buttons but more colourful details. Think kaleidoscopic, Western-style embroidery along the shoulders and a fringe at the waist. These details mean that cowboy denim jackets dont need many accessories. Instead, pair with a plain black dress, wedged heels and a clutch bag to add a frontier-style frisson to your eveningwear.

How to wear jeans this year

The most enduring way to wear denim is, unsurprisingly, in the form of jeans. Jeans fashion doesnt tend to change as rapidly as other clothes, but there are some interesting trends to watch out for in 2013. Brightly coloured denim, for example, will be back in full force come summer. Until then, look out for dark metallic-painted jeans, as well as variations in plum and wine hues.

If skinny jeans are beginning to tire you out, get on board with this seasons big trend in womens jeans: cropped denim. These jeans are generally just as fitted as skinny jeans but end a few inches above the ankle. Cropped jeans are particularly feminine, and look great with floral blouses or fitted tops. Pair with high heels or wedges to elongate your silhouette, as this style does have a tendency to make women look shorter. And if youve got a pair of old jeans festering at the back of your wardrobe, nows the time to take them out as ripped denim is re-emerging as a major fashion statement.

Choosing The Right Fashion Networking Sites For Shopping

When you want to shop you will certainly want to buy things that are fashionable. Choosing the right fashion networking sites will also be very important.

The time you want to buy trendy clothes and other accessories you will have to look for the right fashion networking sites. These are the places where you cannot just look for the best stuff but then can also buy them when you want. You might at times feel that you would want to buy stuff which is used or then if it is a little less priced. There are too many options that can be taken into consideration for this. But then the best to opt for these days are the fashion networking sites. The best parts of these are that you can get a lot to look for and that too at cheaper rates.

If you feel that as there are too many accessories and other clothes offered it might just not be worth the money you pay. But then this is absolutely not true. The best part of these fashion networking sites is that you will get clothes which are of the latest trend and fashion too. Apart from just the purchases and other shopping you can also share a lot of your fashion tips there. If you feel that you have too much of a fashion sense then you can also share all your knowledge here just for free.

But whenever you start with your purchases or then sharing your knowledge always check that you have to opt for the best networking sites. Only when they have higher visitors you will be assured of the right products and a good exposure for yourself. If you do not know where to look out for such networking sites then you can take help of the Internet here. You will get the perfect information that you are looking out for and will further be able to buy clothes too. Things can be simplified with the help of the search engines too. This will be a perfect choice when you are not able to look out for some specific fashion networking website.

Search engines can be the right options because almost all of the sites are now listed on many of the search engines that you may not even know of. You can also be assured that the sites which you come across here will be reliable and will also provide you with the right stuff that you are actually looking at.