Camisa jeans feminina saiba como usar

A camisa jeans voltou e est com tudo nas colees de moda feminina. Atualmente, so usadas tanto em looks formais como informais, ajudando a construir um visual moderno e fashion.

Camisas jeans tendem a sofisticar visuais bsicos, logo modificam-se as formas de vesti-las de acordo com a ocasio.

No dia a dia a camisa jeans pode ser usada sobreposta ou amarrada por um n.

Ambientes de trabalho e eventos formais, entretanto, exigem sobriedade e assim bem alinhada, pode ser usada por dentro da cala, com botes fechados, aliada a outros elementos mais refinados como a cala de alfaiataria por exemplo.

Detalhadas, em tecidos diferenciados nos punhos e gola, claras, escuras ou de tonalidade mista, combinam com visuais invernais unidos a maxi colares, casacos e suteres, com a gola da camisa para fora.

Em dias mais quentes, porm, ficam bem na companhia de shorts, saias fluidas, calas skinny, cintos finos, regatas e com alguns botes abertos, agregue produo um ar mais moderno e descontrado.

Tempos atrs, numa onda antiga de camisas jeans, o look ia para um estilo mais country, que no mais a linguagem usada atualmente. Agora o que se v nas passarelas e nas ruas a camisa jeans como parte de looks femininos, menos informais ou como terceira pea leve do look.

Enfim, clssica e verstil, podemos dizer que hoje a camisa jeans feminina tornou-se um item bsico no guarda-roupa feminino. Assim, chegada a hora de investir nessa pea e produzir assim visuais distintos, de acordo com seu estilo e ocasio.

Para mais dicas de moda como essa acesse nosso blog de moda e fique por dentro das ltimas tendncias de moda. >.

Career In Fashion Marketing

A career in fashion marketing is a highly challenging and fast-paced job that requires the professional to remain on the alert to the changes happening in the industry. There are many creative schools that cater to meeting the needs of the market by producing professionals in marketing through offering the disciples with excellent training in all the essential elements.

Most fashion schools keep a close vigil for natural creative instincts in the people before agreeing to undertake the training. The natural artistic inkling ensures better prospects to produce concrete results with a better understanding of the market demands and the latest trends. A designer must not only be an expert in fashion designing and marketing, but also has to be business savvy and understand customer psychology in successfully surmounting the challenges set by the career.

These fashion marketers are quite innovative. Basically, the profession is all about getting united with the different demands of the consumers. For instance, in the fashion industry, style, color, symmetry, usability, comfort, style, and material are some of the elements which the designers have to keep in mind while designing a line of clothing. The fashion marketers go one step ahead by deciding the finest methods to promote the features of the clothing to the consumers and to which set of consumer to promote it to. It is very important that the fashion marketers are aware of the latest fashion trends and they should know what style will suit a particular occasion, area, or age group.

Career in fashion designing is very bright and has a brilliant scope. All the famous fashion designers are earning huge remuneration and are recognized and appreciated widely for their work and designs. There are other fields in designing such as jewelry designing, interior designing, Garment and footwear designing. All these fields of designing are very popular among students due to good income and bright prospects.

The role of fashion marketers is very important in the fashion industry as they are the link between the common man and the designers. The success of line of clothing is not only dependent on its design. The reason is that marketing is just a tool through which the designer recognizes the public and the public recognizes the designer. Without this, it is impossible to build a consumer base which is needed to make the line of clothing a major success.

Easier way for upcoming fashion designers, the government as well as privately funded institutions have introduced comprehensive courses. In past five years India has seen lot of institutes popular and huge amount of students joined, course of fashion as a serious degree.

Emporio Armani Watches In Simplicity And Italian Style

Emporio Armani, now a world renowned company, is the creation of innovative designer Giorgio Armani. Armani, who originally worked as a military doctor, began his career in fashion as a window dresser in Milan before going on to design his own collections, noted for their clean lines and classical Italian style, much in keeping with Armanis own words: The essence of style is a simple way of saying something complex. Armanis revelatory attitudes to the fashion world his work to make it a less rigid, more accessible arena- is reflected in the clothes he has produced; the unconstructed jacket for example, which has since become a design classic, and his creative methods of promotion, which have included everything from gigantic street advertisements to costume design in films such as American Gigolo.
Just as his clothing epitomises simplicity and Italian style, Emporio Armani watches do as well. Armani is known to have said a watch tells more than just the time. Armani watcheswere introduced to the brand in 1996 following the opening of two stores in Manhattan, New York; one a four-storey flagship store of the chain, the other an Emporio Armani Store.
The first Emporio Armani watches to be produced were a fusion of fashion consciousness and classical Italian design. Early Mens Armani watches such as the AR0181 with its bold square face, solid stainless steel strap and distinctive numerals became instant style classics and are still in production today.
During the early stages of Emporio Armani watches, the collection for Mens Armani watches developed at a much quicker rate than did the collection for womens Armani watches. The collection for womens Emporio Armani watches, with classic designs such as the AR0468 with its sophisticated black mother of pearl face, was finally added to in 2008 with newer styles, such as the AR5742, an effortlessly feminine timepiece with a mother of pearl dial and the distinctive eagle logo in glittering stones, both on the strap and on the dial. The collection for womens Armani watches expanded to include more styles such as the AR0714 in 2009.
Mens Armani watches are investment pieces, as they are classic designs which will not date easily, whether in vintage style leather with an amber dial or a more modern stainless steel design. 2009s collection for Emporio Armani watches saw a move away from the square and rectangular dials of the previous four years. The new designs for mens Armani watches were predominantly of Armani watches with round dials. This switch to the round dial design of watch is set to become a common feature for both womens and mens Armani watchesover the coming years, while still exemplifying the typically relaxed yet unmistakably chic style of the brand.