General Tips on Pool Installation

Swimming is one of the most exotic and flamboyant activities. Swimming pools also do add on the aesthetic and economic value of your home or commercial property. However, getting to install a beautiful pool can be a daunting task, from the point of making the decision on the type of pool you want to install, to choosing a good contractor that will give you the perfect results. Below are some of the general tips that may help you if you are looking to install a pool on your property.

Types of pools

  • Above ground pools

These are the easiest and the cheapest to construct. All you are required to do is to construct outer walls, flatten and plaster the floor then connect the filters and fix the plumbing and the pool is good to go. This is especially the case if you are looking for a less permanent structure as it can be disassembled and relocated easily.

  • In ground pools

These are pools that are built underground and usually appear as concrete boats and they are the most common. They are permanent structures that are quite expensive to construct. They are constructed in a variety of styles such as fiberglass pools which are made using plastic reinforced with fiberglass. This plastic is modeled into a boat like shape and then lowered into the pool then hooked to the walls of the pool.

Another approach would be to use vinyl lining on the walls and floor of the pool. Of all the in ground pools, this is the cheapest due to the fact that vinyl is not that much expensive. The most popular of in ground pools are gunite pools or otherwise concrete pools. They are very durable and can be constructed in any shape that you want. The finishing of these pools could either be plastered, tiled or you could use special concrete paint.

Once you are aware of these facts, then making a decision on the type of pool that you want to be installed becomes easy. If you are looking for contractors to install a pool for you, contact Mackie Brothers of Blue Haven Pools and Spas situated in North Carolina. They are experienced in pool installation, repairing and renovation.