Bottom pants have always been the most sought fashion items which one needs in daily routine, her top changes with time, but the ladies jeans and trousers for women stay the same for quite a long. Be it the comfort zone which these offer, or the stylish appeal on her tall, slender legs- the leggings, joggers and even palazzos are those faddish apparels which offer her a uniqueness in her own individual style of carrying ensembles.

Buying ladies jeans for yourself is a routine task, but when it comes to purchasing the same for others, it is not that difficult. The trousers for women and even, for that matter leggings are quite common which are why these are easy to buy for your known ones. You just need to be sure of their sizes and there you go, you could choose anything from the shelves of the most exclusive stores and it is for sure going to be liked by your near and dear ones. And this time I have actually tried this out and have bought a few pairs of joggers and palazzos for my family members.

This year I am going to my home country for a month’s vacation and have planned most of the shopping for my family and friends especially for the women of my house. This time I have planned to get the bottoms for all my dear ladies, from kids to teenagers and from youngsters to elderly women. The young generation is always fond of the latest trends and love experimentations in their fashion apparels, so I thought of buying a few pairs of women trousers especially palazzos and joggers for them. While, the elderly people are always looking for their comfort zone and this makes them restricted to the evergreen ladies jeans which they could wear casually, trousers for women for their official purposes and leggings for the lounging weekends.

Buying palazzos was an easy job, it didn’t take much of my time and I was able to find one online at Stalkbuylove.com. The white palazzos are the most faddish styles prevalent nowadays, and the best part is it could be adorned for the day time or even for the night time with anything that you like, from ladies blouses, blazers, tops or what not. These modest Palazzos only demand a woman of style who knows the art of carrying it.


Then came the fashionable joggers for the teenage girls of my family who have just stepped in the universities. This time is the most beautiful time of one’s life, when one really gets the opportunity to change one’s personality for good in respect to one’s fashion sense. Joggers are the most comfortable attire which one could adorn to the class hours and even for the evening strolls to the market during the college time. The variant and the vibrant shades in joggers also offer great contrasting elements for the girls to try on with various styles of tops.


Ladies jeans and trousers for women are the easiest sought items which one could gift to anyone. Selecting a blue ladies jeans and beige trousers for women makes the elderly women feel lucky to have it as these are the must-haves in their wardrobes and most worn items in a week.


And finally, the leggings became the perfect choice for the kids of my family, which they could wear underneath their mini skirts, denim shorts and even with the tops for their casual outings. The leggings are an excellent source of warming up legs in winters when one needs to go classy with denim shorts and skirts as well, and for the kiddies, it was the perfect item to be gifted.



Finally, all done and I am hoping that everything would be liked by everyone and it would make my vacation a memorable one.